What is Door of Clubs?

Door of Clubs provides jobs, internships, and funding to student clubs. As former club leaders, and through our work with hundreds of companies so far, including Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Bank of America, we have learned that companies want to recruit and engage students in clubs because they are self-motivated, team players, and highly talented. Our platform streamlines the process so clubs can raise money by signing up members, and get jobs in a scalable and reliable way. It's a win-win for both students and companies!


As a club leader, how much time do I spend on Door of Clubs?

Very little is required. As club leaders, you are some of the busiest people on campus. Door of Clubs will make your life easier and give you time back.

How often do club members go on Door of Clubs?

If members want to edit their profile or receive opportunities from the Timeline, they go on Door of Clubs. Other than that, club members get their value right in their email inbox.


How much does it cost?

Door of Clubs is 100% free for clubs. We are the ones actually paying clubs.


Who can see my personal information that I input into Door of Clubs?

You. No one else has access to it. We understand that the information you put in Door of Clubs may be sensitive. It’s simply averaged into your club profile, and companies are only allowed to see your basic info AFTER you indicate your interest in their opportunity.


When do I receive funding?

Once you reach your membership goal, we send you a check.

What clubs are allowed to receive funding?

All student clubs are welcome! No matter if you’re an engineering club, multicultural club, business fraternity, beekeeping club, or anything in between.


What is the process of joining?

As a club leader you sign up your organization, then share your unique club join link located in your profile with your members. Once your members input their name, major, year and confirm their email, they’re in!


Are there opportunities for non-junior/senior students to get internships and jobs?

Yes, all students!


Will Door of Clubs help with the transition of leadership?

Yes -- we know that can be annoying. Our platform makes that transition smooth and painless!


Can I edit my information?

Of course! Great semester? Update your GPA. New, awesome internship? Throw it in there!


How do I delete my account?

Simply contact us and we’ll take care of it for you immediately.