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5 ways college grads can get jobs outside their majors


Some 67% of college grads surveyed recently by Door of Clubs, a service that matches graduates with companies, hadn't lined up a job.

These Are the Tools Uber Uses to Make Smarter Hires


From games for coders to scholarships for wanna-be software engineers, Uber looks anywhere and everywhere to spot new talent.

5 home-run ideas from Boston's $41 billion start-up market


Boston is a hotbed of innovation. These five start-ups are the ones to watch now.

10 tools to help your company improve diversity


A variety of new apps aim to create blind hiring processes and draw more women and minority job candidates to tech businesses.

Can Code Help Silicon Valley Find And Retain Minority Engineers?

International Business Times

More than a dozen startups are addressing problems related to bias against women and minorities, but can tech truly solve a human problem?

Jobs fairs can be terrible. Here’s a new way students can reach employers

A new website called Door of Clubs, which launches Thursday, hopes to modernize the traditional networking process by directly connecting employers with students.

Startup backed by iRobot exec aims to help tech firms diversify

Boston Business Journal

Its platform is designed to connect companies with the niche college clubs full of students that will help them reach their recruitment goals, including getting more women and minorities on staff.

Door of Clubs works to provide students with passage to successful careers

The Daily Free Press

Door of Clubs, operating out of WeWork in South Station, is a Boston startup that provides and online platform for companies looking to work with college clubs.

1st Look: Door of Clubs Helps the Biggest Geeks on Campus Get a Job


iRobot’s head of HR is an investor in this nearly bootstrapped campus recruiting tech company.