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We provide college clubs with easy access to financial support and career opportunities. Why? Because we believe that students who take initiative to grow outside the classroom deserve it.

Clubs receive sponsorship by signing up and competing in community-wide challenges. Club members receive exclusive job and internship opportunities from the world’s leading companies simply by joining their club.


a community

We are the largest community of student clubs in the world. By joining, clubs gain access to a network of like-minded groups like never before.


to companies

We connect students and companies in a more direct way. Our community of companies are looking for passionate, motivated, and growth minded students - like you and your club members.


your club

We understand how critical funding is to your club’s growth and success. That’s why we make it easy to raise the funds you need.

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From startups to Fortune 500’s, we are trusted as an innovative solution to engage the best college students.