More Recruiting Services

Helping your Talent team achieve their goals in new ways!

As a brand experience agency with roots in college marketing, helping brands build authentic engagement with the collegiate candidate audience is our passion and specialty. In today’s changing world, it’s important to us to help recruiters and HR professionals set themselves apart and learn how to adapt their strategies to the dramatic shift in the industry.
In addition to offering sourcing support and providing access to our database of campus leaders, we can also create custom recruiting programs that go beyond traditional career fairs and online job boards.

Virtual Events

Create live engagements with potential candidates virtually and give students within your target demographics an inside look at your company, through targeted or national virtual events designed to meet your needs.

Student Ambassadors

Build your talent pipeline efficiently with ambassadors we pre-screen and train to meet your recruiting objectives. Extend benefits via peer-to-peer engagement and social media content as you boost your company equity on campus and extend your virtual recruiting reach.

Research & Surveys

Utilize downtime in your recruiting cycle to engage students digitally via research and surveys. Learn more about the students you’re looking to hire and find new, fresh approaches to use in your recruiting efforts.


Engage live with students and other recruiting professionals in virtual events that aim to take the place of career fairs or hiring conventions. Request more information: CC Meetup launches on February 25, 2023!.